Angel Connections 

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But You're So Lucky!

You have a good job, a loving family and close group of friends... yet you feel alone and misunderstood.


Sarah's Story

It is often just small things Sarah does for others.  At first she believes picking up her kids and taking her friend’s kids home a couple of times per week is not that bad. After all their mother is grateful, at least that’s what she tells you when you drop them off.  It wouldn't be so bad except she feels compelled to entertain you with the latest in her relationship with her mother, her boss and the neighbour’s dog!

You feel so drained after this and prefer those days when she calls with migraines and stays in bed.  Now, when you stop and reflect - you don’t even remember when she offered to pick up your kids – maybe she didn’t.....

Have you been so determined to help others that you have devoted too little time to yourself and your needs as a woman and a mother, wife and girlfriend? Do you feel it is your job to handle everything?

Perhaps you believe asking for help is a sign of weakness and you are strong.  Yet you feel like a fire is raging and its starting to eat you from the inside.  Perhaps you can't go on like this, but you're not sure what happens when you reach breaking point?

Angel Connections

What if you could have this instead?

Strength and power

Would you love to be strong enough to cope with even the most stressful situations?

Be bolder and more self confident

Would you like to have the confidence to live your life EXACTLY as you would like?

Health and happiness

Would you like the physical and mental health to achieve everything you wish to achieve in live?

Marianne Tillegreen Leppänen

“I help ambitious women win the inner game of success through the higher powers of their angels.”

Hello and welcome to Angel Connections.  I'm so happy to meet you and I look forward to helping you explore the possibility of living with the unseen world of angels.

Let this be the year, the moment in time you choose you!

Life is not perfect.  Life is real and we as powerful women need to demonstrate this through the way we show up!  I would love to inspire, guide, heal and transform with you creating this masterpiece called: Your life.

Transform Your Life Today

Marianne works primarily with women but men are also welcome to begin this journey, become whole, and step into their truth.  

Please contact me today so we can discuss a strategy going forward.

what do my clients say...

Past client

Thank you Marianne for helping me realize my dreams

Marianne always meets me with true interest and during our time together she has met my unborn son before I knew he was there, she connected me with my lost daughter, and sourced me back to my father when he had passed away. 

Most recently Marianne coached me to guide myself through an important and very meaningful shift in my career.

Davina mccluskie

Medium, Scotland

As I walked in the room, the sense of love was immense

I have total confidence in Marianne and the work she does as a light worker for the Angelic Realm and the universe.


Colour Therapist, Brussels

I highly recommend Marianne and her work

Her capability to heal and see what is getting in the way of one's live is remarkable.

You leave light, centered and back in tune with life.  To be highly recommended!

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