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Marianne Tillegreen

“Love is the great foundation of all things in life”

​​Marianne's Story...

I'm Marianne Tillegreen Leppänen the founder of Angel Connections.  I am a long time traveler and I have been married to my Finnish husband since 1992.  I am lucky enough to be a mother of 3 wonderful children, 2 sons and a daughter plus a bonus daughter.  I'm a grandmother of 3 plus a bonus grandchild.  

We are a traveling family and have lived in 8 different countries during the last 30 years. I've been a business school teacher but for the past 15 years I have been experiencing the wonders and loving cooperation within the angelic realm and the world of energy.

I turned my life around and went from having all the boxes ticked off and a great life but still feeling guilty, empty and unfulfilled to inviting the angels into my life and through the connection with them reconnecting to myself and my life's work feeling fulfilled, happy and full of purpose.

It wasn't easy though.  It was messy, scary and involved unknown territory.  I reconnected to my inner child the explorer and the adventurer which made the journey fun and the unknown became my playground.  With the angels by my side I was able to release the feeling of loneliness that had been a byproduct of years of traveling.

It was because of my journey, and the realization of the power of working with angels that I decided to start Angel Connections.  

And, it's through this business that I help successful business women reconnect to their true self and love what they find and who they really are.

I help frustrated business women spinning their wheels face their demons in a lighthearted trans formative way leaving them feel complete, fulfilled and successful inside and out.

“I help ambitious women win the inner game of success through the higher powers of their angels”

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