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What You Could Achieve?

Enough is enough!

Have you ever thought there has to be more to life than this?

We all have these pivotal moments in life when we have had enough of the same old actions leading to the same old results.  Rarely do we do anything about changing it.  But, now you have the perfect opportunity to...

Find love, joy and peace

Examine old behaviors and create new ones if needed

Develop magnetism so people are drawn to you

Take leadership in every area of your life

Here are the ways we can work together

Everyone is an individual and comes from individual circumstances so if you are unsure which option is best for you then please do not hesitate to book a call with me.


Gentle Start

This option gives you a good taste and feeling for what your life will be like with a higher focus.  We will work together creating clarity and vision for your future.

This is a 6 week program with 3 sessions in total (60 minutes) two weeks apart. 

Investment is €697 paid in full at the start of the program.


Intense Breakthrough From The Past

You will embark on a journey to clear the past issues on a deep level and to let the free and beautiful woman you are step onto the stage that is your life.  You will learn to be clear and assertive in your own powerful way, leaving no doubt about your priorities and desires.

You dance with spirits for three months with six 60 minute sessions.  One session every two weeks.

Investment is €997 paid in full at the beginning or in two payments (€597 at start, then €497 at six week point).


VIP Transformation Program

This is a total soul immersion that explores the experiences in the past which were holding you back, allowing you to step into freedom once and for all. 

You will dance with spirits over a 5 month period with 60 minute sessions every 2 weeks.  You will find your path clearing to enable you to express the beautiful woman that you truly are, letting yourself emerge and bloom.

Investment is €1497 paid in full or three payment option.  (€597 then €497 a six week point, then €497 at the 12 week point.

Sessions can be done in person (if you live in Belgium) or by Skype/phone (since energy knows no boundaries the sessions are not bound to any specific location).

This can save your time and lower the CO2 emissions as well. However I will encourage you to always reserve minimum ½ hour after the session for relaxation and reflection – do yourself a favour and let the effect sink in and take full residence in all of your body before you engage in anything.

All the practical aspects will be agree beforehand.  I am used to working with women in many different countries and I understand the practical side of your time commitment. I am flexible so you can juggle the work, family and friends puzzle and find the perfect balance for your new approach to life.

But, for now, take a couple of deep breaths...

Let's do a short exercise together.  Take a couple of deep breaths, relax and allow yourself a moment of reflection.  Recognise the heavy energy life has put on you.  

Let that old energy form a cape coloured by all that you no longer need and patterned with all the emotional baggage.

Now ask the angels to remove it by visualizing two divine beings lifting it away from you.  Imagine that it is worn out, heavy and too old to wear.

Envision a new option in your life.  Let the angels start replacing the old with the new - a golden silk cape, radiant, light and beautiful.  You feel it amplifying all your souls desires.

How do you feel now?


Send me a few words about how my story resonates with you and how many weeks you would like me to be involved and support you on your journey.  I will reply back to you soonest with a proposal to talk in person, by Skype or phone to set the starting date for your journey.

If you have any questions that are not answered here please ask from your heart, no questions are strange or inappropriate. I’m also happy to help you decide which programme is the right fit to welcome you into full freedom in your life.

Your first step is to book a call.

A Joyous Adventure!

Marianne's sessions have been a joyous adventure that helped open new doors in all areas of my life. In her guidance it is easy to get in touch with our real inner strengths and awaken resources that help us advance true to our nature.

Hannah   (Gallery Director)

bless you, Marianne, for your wise and kind guidance and angelic channeling

I was stuck with a feeling of emptiness and defeat. I was half way through a coaching course, that I had dreamt about for years – a dream and a life purpose coming true. But suddenly my usual energy vanished,

and my enthusiasm dropped to a minimum.

The Universe responded immediately: 5 volunteers cancelled their appointments – which made me doubt that I could make the required number of coaching hours before the exam. I asked Marianne to help me. And she did.

Marianne asked a lot of questions to get to the center of the issue – and simultaneously received clues or direct guidance through her channels. Archangel Gabriel came forward to remind me to speak up, nurture myself – make room for time on my own.

The day after I began to follow the guidance I got from Marianne – my enthusiasm and faith returned and I

got back on track. This means so much to me – so bless you, Marianne, for your wise and kind guidance and angelic channeling.

Heidi  (Client)

I'm forever grateful

The angel therapy sessions were the first ones on the path of positive changes in my life. In addition, I have experienced Marianne’s empowering angelic meditations and from time to time have had the pleasure of receiving angelic messages through her. 

Every single time the messages have resonated strongly within me, helping to clear the mist and head to the light and clarity. 

Over these years Marianne has had an important part in guiding me to listen to my inner voice, feelings and also to be kind to oneself.  I’m forever grateful for her.

Marit   (Client)

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